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Chiropractic Sports Medicine Services

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Our primary goal is to make sure you are in the right place. Beyond that, we take the time to listen to where you've been with your condition and propose a new way forward utilizing a variety of treatment methods and options.

Active Body, Active Care

Using our large rehab facility, we walk you through exercises specifically catered toward improving your condition and supporting your efforts to prevent issues in the future.

Chiropractic Sports Therapy

First, Dr. Braun takes the time to figure out if your condition is best helped by his abilities. After, he utilizes a combination of techniques designed to address the specific combination of Structural (Bone/Joint) and Functional (Soft Tissue) deficiencies found on examination.

Our Mission

"We keep active people active"

We believe that the best version of a human is one that is in motion. Our gold-standard level treatments address both structure and function in your body, which equates to an experience that is productive, efficient, and easy to understand. Let us help you in your journey for health through freedom from unnecessary road-blocks.

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