Carpal Tunnel in Pasadena

chiropractic care helps patients with carpal tunnel syndrome

Are you aware that similar to the manner in which nerves can become impinged in your spine by your vertebrae, the skeletal structures in your wrist can pinch nerves leading to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome? Many individuals opt for expensive and invasive medical procedures without realizing there are successful and proven ways to treat carpal tunnel syndrome with non-invasive methods. Carpal tunnel medical procedures can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars and still fail to provide relief 40% of the time. It is no wonder then that individuals are opting for a more cost-effective treatment that works. Our chiropractic clinic in Pasadena has put together the following information about carpal tunnel in order to help you find a therapy for carpal tunnel that works.

Carpal Tunnel Options in Pasadena

When the median nerve is irritated because of swelling and misalignment in the wrist, patients can start to feel sensations of tingling or inflammation throughout the hand. It's not unusual for patients to report they experience their grip weakening or that picking up small things isn't as simple as usual. Sometimes can even feel the sensation their hands becoming inflamed when their median nerve is irritated, even though there is no inflammation.

Apart from the typical questions regarding what dealing with carpal tunnel is like, patients also are puzzled as to how their syndrome came about. While some patients can remember a specific injury to the hand that appeared to trigger the tell-tale symptoms soon after, other have no idea as to why their condition developed. Research shows that some types of jobs have an increased risk of developing carpal tunnel. These include jobs that utilize instruments that vibrate and also the repeated use of the wrist and hands in the workplace. In addition, certain physiological disorders can also be contributing factors to the development of carpal tunnel.

Carpal tunnel often begins in an individual's dominant hands, but symptoms can affect both hands. Alas, many healthcare professionals attempt to treat the pain where it is found, despite evidence that the root of carpal tunnel arises from a different region of the body. It's been proven that patients affected by carpal tunnel syndrome in the arms normally possess nerve distress originating in the spinal column. This is the reason why expensive medical procedures that attempt to solely treat the hands are ineffective in four out of ten surgeries. Carpal tunnel occurs more frequently in the dominant hand, in addition to being more prevalent in women because of the increased average diameter of the tunnel.

Best Treatments for Carpal Tunnel

The best treatment for the carpal tunnel syndrome is the one that takes into account the source of your symptoms. As is the case with most ailments, we recommend that patients start out with non-invasive and inexpensive therapies. Our team will work with you to develop a therapeutic plan that is tailored to your condition. After just a few spinal adjustments, many patients already begin to experience relief from their symptoms. Once progress is made, we will continue to minimize your symptoms utilizing a variety of therapies to restore your health.

Our chiropractic team at Braun Chiropractic in Pasadena understands the frustration that accompanies carpal tunnel syndrome and wants to help you overcome your pain for good. If you would like to find relief, start by contacting us for your free consultation.

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